Ant Farms

Everyone has probably captured some ants, put them in a jar filled with dirt and waited to see what would happen. You weren’t quite sure what to feed them or how to care for them, and they probably all perished within a few short days. Today, ant farm kits are readily available online for purchase. Ant farm kits are especially popular with children. Many teachers recognize the educational benefits of keeping ants and will keep an ant farm in their classroom. Many parents buy ant farms for kids as well.

Ants are easy to care for and do not take up much space. It is very interesting to watch them build tunnels and chambers, and communicate with one another. Before long, you will be able to tell the worker ants from the feeder ants. Because the USDA prohibits the shipping of queen ants, your ants will not be able to breed. Ants live approximately 3 to 6 months. After the first colony has died, more ants can be ordered. Some people buy ant farms and keep them at home because they own pets that eat ants. Some pets may include snakes, spiders, insectivorous fish, lizards and birds.

An ant farm kit typically includes the clear ant habitat, tunneling sand, food, water dropper and instructions. You’ll find that when you begin your search to buy an ant farm kit online, you have lots of choices because there are many styles and sizes available. Some come with colored sand so that the ant’s hard work actually becomes art that continually changes. Others are lighted or have glow in the dark sand. Some even include a gel material instead of sand. This edible gel already includes the food and water that the ants will need. Some companies send you an order form or certificate with your ant farm to order your live ants. So be sure to have your farm set up and ready before your ants arrive.