Breeding Crickets

Whether you need to feed your reptiles or amphibians, are tired of buying fish bait or want to start your own business, cricket breeding at home is the perfect solution. There is actually a shortage of crickets in the wild. Gone are the days that you had to go outside and hunt, following the chirps in order for your pet to eat dinner! Breeding crickets is very easy, inexpensive and can be done successfully with the proper equipment and supplies.

Insect breeders carry cricket breeding kits that can be purchased online. These kits contain everything you will need to know on how to breed crickets. Typically, they will include housing for your crickets, an egg-laying material, cricket food and instructions. You will need to purchase a dozen crickets or so from the pet store or buy crickets online to get your colony started. You will find that with very little effort, these crickets will produce hundreds of babies in just a couple of weeks. The most important things to remember for raising crickets, is that they need food, water and warmth.

Raising crickets for food is the healthiest way to feed your pets. Raising your own crickets and feeding them well will ensure that your pets are receiving highly nutritious food. Buying crickets from a pet store doesn’t necessarily mean the crickets are healthy! In addition to the high calcium food that is included in your breeding kit, crickets can be fed fresh fruits and vegetables as well.

If you find that you have bred more crickets than you know what to do with, consider selling them. Many pet stores and bait shops will pay you well for your crickets. Raising crickets could turn into a profitable business!